A great way to revitalize the soil at the end of the season!

a great way to revitalize the soil at the end of the season Blog

The vegetable garden season is slowly coming to an end and it’s time to talk about closing the season. Our beds are beginning to be cleared of earlier crops: garlic, onions, and some cabbage have already been harvested.
Spilling the empty beds is soil healthier.
And now is a good time to think about the soil and its health. We recommend that you approach this issue with great responsibility, because your harvest for the next year depends on it. Every gardener and gardener necessarily need to think about the health of the soil just after the harvest, especially if there were any certain diseases and infections on the plants, because on their own they will not go anywhere.

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We do not recommend the use of any chemicals. Sometimes, many gardeners out of some old habit or stereotype, sprinkle the beds with copper-containing preparations. Most often it is copper sulfate. Yes, it’s not bad disinfects the soil, but do not forget that not only pathogenic microflora, but also all living biota is killed. And it is precisely this that is an indicator of the health of the soil and an indicator of its fertility.
Plants by themselves can not take nutrition from the mail
There is so-called soil biota, which by its vital activity feeds culture and nourishes it in such quantity and volume which the plant needs at one stage of development or another. Therefore, it is so important to use microbiological preparations that are not as aggressive as chemical agents.
Growing different crops, and in general, having your own garden, it is very important to take care of nature and use only safe for humans, animals and bees means of fertilizing the soil.
It is worth to be engaged in the improvement of the soil on the entire plot, but special attention should be paid to the soil in the greenhouse. After all, most of the harvest is grown there. Many gardeners and gardeners have already managed to try one universal means, and now we will tell you about it in more detail.
Means for fertilizing the soil
Biocomplex-BTU is a fertilizer and soil healthier, that is, simultaneously increases the nitrogen content in the soil and accelerates the decomposition of organic residues, suppressing the development of fungal and infectious diseases.

The complex contains: nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate-mobilizing bacteria, fungicidal bacteria, trichoderm, lactic acid bacteria, amino acids, macro and micro elements. Before use, you need to shake well and dilute the fertilizer at a ratio of 30 milliliters per 10 liters of water. After that, you just need to sprinkle the bed with the diluted solution. After such watering, the soil is enriched, nourished and saturated with the necessary elements.
Here is such a simple way to improve your soil on any bed. The result will not make itself long to wait, and you can see this already next year, removing from the bed a good harvest. After all, as you know, it is always better to prevent any disease than a long and painful to deal with it.
It happens when the phytophthora on tomatoes or powdery mildew on cucumbers nothing will help. Therefore, it is so important to engage in disease prevention, starting in autumn. And it must be done regularly if you want to grow healthy plants and have a healthy crop. Prevention is the key to success and health. We wish you a fruitful harvest and a great mood.

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