Beans in the nannies at the strawberries

beans in the nannies at the strawberries Blog

How to plant beans in a garden with strawberries?

Many people already know that it is useful to plant beans in potato rows. And for several years now I have been propagating strawberries with the help of beans.

I try to transplant rooted strawberry bushes to a permanent place early, so that by winter they will grow well and give a harvest the next summer. But in late July, early August it is often hot and the sun is too bright, it is difficult for the bushes to take root without shading. Therefore, I prepare a bed for strawberries in advance. In May, I put humus on the ridge and sow sedeska or some other lettuce, or dill on the greens, and after 2 weeks I stick the beans in 30 centimeters in three rows right between the greens. I try to plant the middle row in a checkerboard pattern relative to the extreme ones. By the time the beans are stretched, they begin to bloom, the greens are already removed from the garden. Her cleaning serves as loosening, and the weeds had nowhere to take root.

What are the benefits of beans for strawberries?

In July, the beans are already tall spreading bushes with young edible beans. It is between them that I plant strawberry rosettes in two rows in the extreme ones on the ridge of beans. Bean bushes shade strawberry seedlings, protect them from the wind. In addition, strawberries are fueled by nitrogen produced by legume roots. In winter, bean stalks will trap snow and prevent young roots from freezing, and next year the bean roots remaining in the ground will rot and serve as additional fertilizer.

And the benefit is that there is no need to allocate a special bed for beans, there are enough for the whole family and for seeds for next year.

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