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The fight against cabbage fly

The cabbage fly is a constant pest, it appears several times during the summer. Crawling along the ridge, she lays her eggs to the roots of cabbage. The larvae that have emerged from them eat through the passages in the roots-stumps, which is why young plants often die. Pollination with tobacco dust, ash, spraying with infusions of celandine, tobacco, and hellebore helps to scare away the fly. Repel the fly and planting celery. When planting seedlings, a circle of earth with a diameter of 7-10 cm around the stem can be mulched with a film that fits snugly against the stem.

Fighting caterpillars and slugs

To combat caterpillars of cabbage and turnip whites, cabbage moths, plants are sprayed with infusions of dope, burdock, celandine, tomato, and wormwood. When planting seedlings, you can stick a pine, spruce or fir foot next to it and do not remove it until it interferes with the growth of the head. You can scatter dried chopped stems, flowers and leaves of chrysanthemums over the ridge and on cabbage plants.

Well, for slugs you need to set traps. Spread cabbage leaves near the ridge in the shade, press them down with a board. During the day in the heat, collect the slugs that have taken refuge there.

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