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Where did the variety come from?

Mazai cucumbers turned out to be the most popular among the Ural gardeners this summer. Reviews about this variety are the most positive. These are hybrid cucumbers of a very recent selection, early ripe, gherkin type. Plants need only 45 days from germination to fruiting. Fruits are cylindrical, small tuberculate, green with longitudinal stripes up to 1/3 of the length, without bitterness. Cucumbers are medium-sized – 10-12 cm, slightly pubescent. In one node, 2-3 fruits are formed. The taste of fresh and canned fruits is excellent. These cucumbers are suitable for pickling in barrels, and for canning in jars.

What are the advantages of the Mazai variety?

Mazai cucumbers are resistant to many cucumber diseases common in our region: powdery mildew, olive blotch, cucumber mosaic virus. There is even a significant resistance to the most terrible enemy of cucumbers – the causative agents of the disease – downy mildew, they get sick only with a very strong infection of a number of growing plants. This hybrid is also quite resistant to root rot, which often affects cucumber plants during temperature changes, watering with cold water, and improper feeding.

The average yield of Mazai cucumbers is 12-15 kg/m2.

Such a fact is interesting. A trial batch of seeds was brought to the Perm conference of gardeners in order to study consumer demand, to conclude long-term contracts with leading seed companies. So the seeds of Mazai cucumbers were sold out literally immediately. So, Mazai will bring more.

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