Diseases of cucumbers, why does this happen and how to deal with them?

diseases of cucumbers why does this happen and how to deal with them Blog

In this article, we will talk in detail about the possible causes of the disease of cucumbers. Let’s analyze the most common mistakes and decide what to do about them.

Why do cucumbers get sick and not tied?

This is perhaps the main question and there are a lot of reasons.

  • First, of course, the weather. Take, for example, the Moscow region. We have had cold weather for almost a month now, it is constantly raining and more or less sunny weather has fallen only a few times. At night it is very cold +7 – +11, there were freezing rains. What kind of harvest or setting of cucumbers, especially in the open field, can we talk about?


  • Secondly, unstable temperature. It has a very negative effect on cucumbers. For example, at night it can become sharply cold, and during the day, especially in a greenhouse, it can become sharply hot. From such temperature fluctuations, the ovaries near the bushes, even if they appear, can turn yellow and dry.
  • Thirdly, watering with cold water. Cucumbers do not tolerate ice water, especially when it is already cold outside. Always water your cucumbers with exceptionally warm water, otherwise you risk putting your favorite culture in a stressful state, and the ovaries will begin to rot.
  • The fourth and most common problem is malnutrition. Cucumbers, in a good sense, are a very “gluttonous” culture. They love a balanced and complete diet. Especially if you give the opportunity to grow not in one trunk, but provide some freedom for growth. In this case, the plant necessarily needs regular weekly fertilizer.

Cucumbers love organic matter and nitrogen phosphorus-potassium supplements. As a fertilizer, it is perfect: hall, potassium humate, potassium monophosphate. Many neglect and feed only on nitrogen, believing that herbal tinctures of slurry or chicken manure are sufficient. Not really. This has a good effect on the development and density of the leaves, but this is not enough for high-quality ovaries. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe a balanced diet, especially at the stage of fruit set.


  • Dry and hot weather. This is the fifth possible cause of poor yields in cucumbers. As we said earlier, cucumbers are a heat-loving crop. But everything is good in moderation and too hot dry weather is just as hard to bear. Under such conditions, the plant stops growing, all kinds of pests attack. Especially in dry hot weather, a spider mite likes to visit cucumbers, which is not so easy to get rid of.

How to deal with diseases of cucumbers?

As you can see, there can be a huge variety of causes for cucumber diseases, and these reasons can be different every season. There is one proven way to avoid various ailments in cucumbers, or, in any case, you can try to minimize losses. You are probably already familiar with such a concept as warm beds. If you have not yet applied them in your practice, we recommend correcting the situation. We will tell you more about the undeniable advantages of such beds.

In warm beds, cucumbers feel as comfortable as possible. Despite the possible cold outside, the roots of the plant are warm. In warm beds, cucumbers are also not afraid of temperature fluctuations, and even a long cold snap is tolerated by cucumber culture more gently. We can say that the “legs of the plant” are warm, and the cucumbers are no longer as vulnerable as they used to be.

Warm cucumber beds

Due to the composition of warm beds, cucumbers also receive the necessary balanced nutrition. And now you have an excellent cucumber harvest, despite the unstable weather. In one of our articles, you can find more detailed information on exactly how to do and what exactly to use to create such beds.

How to protect cucumbers from diseases?

And now I would like to tell you one more secret of how you can protect plants from such an ailment as powdery mildew. This year, many gardeners faced this problem ahead of time. Usually, powdery mildew “attacks” in August, when the nights get colder and the morning dew is no longer so warm. You can keep the leaves of cucumbers in their original healthy form thanks to proper care. For timely prevention of such a disease, biological preparations should be used.

mycorad malsano trichodermin

And here I would like to highlight the drug “Mikorad MALSANO”. The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that it is an organic fertilizer, which contains Trichoderma soil fungi. Using this biological product, Trichoderma fungi settle near the roots of plants, where they decompose plant residues, enriching the soil with nutrients, and stimulate the growth and development of plants.


This is a real find for any summer resident and gardener. The package contains only 50 grams of fertilizer, but the consumption is so economical that one such package is enough for a huge summer cottage. The calculation is made as follows – 1 gram of fertilizer per 1 liter of water. The drug can be used both for fertilizing the root system and for spraying. Trichoderma perfectly suppresses any phytopathogenic organisms, actively fights against late blight, powdery mildew and well prevents the appearance of root rot.

The most important thing is that this remedy is absolutely natural, because it contains a natural fungus that lives in the soil. We just artificially inhabit it so that it breeds directly in our beds and helps us fight all kinds of diseases. You can use this fertilizer from early spring to late autumn. If you now have some kind of infected plant, do not rush to remove it, first treat it with fertilizer. There is still a chance to save the plant.


Well, if suddenly you have already removed some crops due to a disease, then we recommend that you prepare the soil for the next season and disinfect the land in a natural way. Means such as copper sulphate or copper-containing preparations, of course, are very strong and can be very effective, but in their composition they are chemical and very toxic.

In addition, such chemicals accumulate in the soil and, in the long run, can do more harm than good. Therefore, any gardener should at least try the natural biological product “Mikorad MALSANO”. We hope our article was useful and informative for you.

We wish you a good mood, fertile land and a great harvest!

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