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A cottage is a place where the soul rests. Sun, fresh air, birds singing, mushroom forest and communication with nature. Daily worries and worries quickly fade into the background. And thanks to physical exercises in the beds, the body is always in good shape.

News about the garden and the cottage

According to Rosstat, in the first half of 2021, Russia increased palm oil imports by 12% compared to the same period last year.

In its decision, the Supreme Court recalled that garden plots are not intended for animal husbandry.

Once again, the price of buckwheat has risen significantly. We are trying to figure out the possible reasons for the unexpected jump in retail prices.

Questions about the garden

What games can you play in the country

The garden is a constant source of physical activity for gardeners, whether it be watering, weeding, loosening or digging trenches. The body works and the head rests, so solving classic puzzles is a good way to physically relax.

I suggest playing two games in your free time – sudoku and a crossword puzzle. The first trains logic and attention, and the second gives answers to interesting questions about gardening. In your free time, you can take part in a fun quiz.

The situation in the beds (struggle for the harvest)

Horseradish soured and fermented. List of the most frequent errors in the regulations. Is it possible to correct this situation.

The benefits of red rowan for the human body. When to pick and how to pick berries for the winter.

Why are winter garlic planted in the second half of autumn. What will happen if you plant winter garlic in the spring.

How much to cook fresh, frozen and dried chanterelles. How much to cook mushrooms before winter canning.

How to cook them properly before baking, for soup and for freezing. How long will the procedure take in each case.

Useful properties of blueberries for the female body. Chemical composition of berries. How to take them correctly. Contraindications.

What is dangerous money tree. The reasons why some flower growers flatly refuse to keep this plant at home.

The method of autumn pruning of blackberries for a bountiful harvest next season, getting rid of diseases and pests.

Cornea spruce ramaria is a common mushroom in the forests of the European part of Russia. Is it possible to collect and eat.

How to dry apples in an electric and gas oven at home. Optimum temperature and drying time.

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