Growing basil in a greenhouse and caring for it

growing basil in a greenhouse and caring for it Blog

Basil is a plant that grows in tropical countries, making it extremely difficult to grow it outdoors. Basil can grow very poorly from lack of sunlight, and cold winds will cause it to wither and wither. However, breeding stations worked hard and accustomed this one of the most popular herbs to the Russian climate. It is especially successful to grow basil in a greenhouse.

Growing basil in a greenhouse

Requirements for soil and conditions in the greenhouse

Before planting grass, the gardener should make sure that the conditions of his greenhouse and the soil in it meet all the requirements. If you’re thinking about planting greens early, it’s best to have the greenhouse covered with a dense material such as polycarbonate or glass. Such a coating will provide better protection against early frosts and will not allow a sharp temperature drop in the building.

A mixture of earth and manure can also protect against frost, which will rot and warm the soil well. You can also use specialized racks, which greatly facilitate the care of the basil and provide it with the right watering system. For ventilation, vents must be installed in the greenhouse, and at the height of summer the greenhouse will need to be shaded. The building should be located in an open sunny area. There should be no high landings on the south side.

Basil is an extremely whimsical plant, regarding the soil. Greenery loves sandstone with an admixture of organic matter. The earth should have moderate friability and acidity. In autumn, it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil and cover the beds with a mixture of earth, peat and sand. It is possible to simply dig up the ground and add 5 kg of humus or compost there. If in the fall you did not prepare the soil for planting basil, then you can do it in the spring.

Choice of basil varieties

Basil has about 150 species, which differ in the color of the leaves, their size and the size of the bush itself. If you are a beginner gardener, it is better to choose undemanding and popular varieties. You can plant several varieties and plant them at the same time.

Camphor (fragrant) basil
This variety is the most popular and has vibrant green leaves.

Popular varieties of basil:

  • Camphor or fragrant basil. The plant bushes well and has a pleasant aroma of cloves. Such greens are successfully used in Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Brown or Mexican basil. The taste of this greenery has a slight aftertaste of cinnamon. The plant is very beautiful and has pale green leaves with purple flowers;
  • Purple basil. This plant variety is very popular in Caucasian cuisine and is added to side dishes, sauces and even desserts. The taste of greens is quite pleasant and has a slight sweet aftertaste;
  • Lemon basil. This plant is very spreading, the leaves have a light green tint with a slight lemon aroma.

Growing basil from seedlings or seeds

Growing basil greens in a greenhouse can be done both with the help of seeds and with the help of seedlings. If you decide to plant greens with seedlings in a special rack, then in the southern regions this can be done as early as early March, and in other regions a little later. Planting seeds should be done in early May or late April. During this period, the greenhouse will already be sufficiently warmed up by the sun’s rays.

basil seedling

Consider the features of each of the methods

Growing basil from seeds

Basil seed should be planted at a depth of 1 cm, while the soil should be well moistened. Planting should take place at a distance of 20 cm from each other, and the width between the rows should be at least 30 cm. In the south, the greenery develops stronger and becomes more spreading, so there you need to increase this distance by about 10 cm. When the seeds are planted, you should mulching and cover the row with plastic wrap. Shoots will appear in 10 days. Further, the greens are looked after in accordance with the norms.

Growing basil seedlings

It is worth planting the seeds in a special container. Each seed is placed on the floor cm deep, the distance between them should be 3 cm. After sowing, the container must be covered with plastic wrap or glass and maintained at a temperature of about 25 degrees. After 2 weeks, sprouts will already appear. With poor development of seedlings, after the appearance of the first leaf, the plant can be fertilized with a special composition. After the appearance of 2 sheets, you can transplant the seedlings into the ground.

plant care

Basil Care
The plant does not accept heat, therefore, in the summer heat, the greenhouse should be regularly ventilated.

At the beginning of its growth, the rate of development of the basil is slow. The temperature in the greenhouse should be about 25 degrees on average. It is necessary to water the beds with basil every 7 days, it is convenient to use a drip system. It is important to carry out periodic feeding of greens, the first time you can do it already 2 weeks after the appearance of 2 leaves on seedlings.

If you follow all the rules for planting and growing basil in a greenhouse, then even this harmful plant will successfully develop in your beds. Despite all the difficulties, it is possible to grow basil in those regions whose climate is completely different from the tropics native to the plant.

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