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The oyster mushroom can be found in our forests. Oyster mushrooms have an attractive mushroom spirit. They are good fresh for soups, roasts and especially – for mushroom pies, you can dry them and pickle them.
For most people, the oyster mushroom is an herb mushroom, but in China and Japan for centuries been growing oyster mushrooms, shiitake and others. Their cap is light gray, thick, silky, pure white plates descend on the stalk. The white flesh is pleasant to the taste, and the smell, what a smell! Oyster mushrooms smell like fresh flour, cucumbers and pumpkin!
How not to try to master the cultivation of oyster mushrooms in their own garden plot, and even at home!

How to grow oyster mushrooms on stumps

The method of breeding is simple and convenient, because grow oyster mushrooms on the waste wood of deciduous species (maple, linden, birch, alder, poplar). First prepare billets 30 – 35 cm long and not less than 15 cm in diameter. Soak them in water for three days.
Before making mycelium (called mycelium) drilled holes with a diameter of 2 – 3 cm in billets or make cuts, where they made grain mycelium (turf mycelium) of oyster mushrooms. Contribute 5% of mycelium from the weight of each log. Holes on the stumps are covered with wet sawdust. Billets are buried in a damp shaded place at a depth of 10 – 15 cm. Under them lay a layer of sawdust, on which and put. Periodically watered, and in dry and hot weather, shade lapnik, straw, not allowing to dry out.
After 2-3 months, mycelium proliferates on the wood. And here on the stumps hang bushes of twin hats. Now they are carefully cut off. Oyster mushroom bears fruit for 3-4 years, the yield from 100 kg of wood 12 – 13 kg of mushrooms.

Growing oyster mushrooms at home

You can also grow oyster mushrooms at home, in a room, in three-liter jars. The jars are filled with substrate, which is prepared from plant residues: sawdust of deciduous trees, clippings of branches of bushes, straw. Substrate is crushed to 2 – 3 cm, pour boiling water and pasteurized for 12 hours, stirred, the excess water is drained. In the cooled to 26-30 ° substrate made chalk or lime (3 g), gypsum (15 g) for 3-liter jar. Fill jars with substrate to the top, carefully compacting.
In the center of the neck of the bank make a 12 cm deepening in the substrate at a diameter of 3 – 4 cm and fill it with grain mycelium (50 – 100 g per jar). On top of mycelium cover the substrate for 2 – 4 cm . The bank is tied with a layer of clean gauze and paper. Jars should stand in a dark place at room temperature. When the white niches mycelium penetrate the entire substrate, banks wrapped in black paper, leaving the neck open, and remove to the light. The substrate is moistened by spraying clean water. In 6-7 weeks after sowing the grain mycelium, you can harvest oyster mushrooms. With this method of cultivation fresh mushrooms in the house can be all year round. Store them in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, and in the freezer at -18 ° for up to 6 months.

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