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The principle of this method is that potato tubers can form not only on a fully developed plant, but even on parts of the stems, however, necessarily taken from well-developed bushes of a certain age.

How to prepare potatoes?

You planted varietal potatoes in the spring. At the age of 6-7 weeks, pinch the tops of the stems (this is just the beginning of July). After pinching, the side shoots of the tops will begin to grow – they will be needed for grafting.

A prerequisite is a good feeding of the parent plant so that the potato shoots are strong and well developed. It is good if you have already fed the plant when shoots appear. The second top dressing is needed 15 days after the first, and the third – in another 10-15 days. Top dressing can be done with mullein infusion, or with a solution of complete mineral fertilizer (30-50 g per bucket).

Technology for obtaining tubers from tops

Cutting cuttings is done when the bush is in full bloom. Rinse the razor blade in potassium permanganate and cut off the side shoots. Do not use the main stem of the bush, let it remain for the maturation of the main bush. Cut the cut shoots into single-node cuttings with a leaf. Plant these cuttings in prepared low boxes with wet river sand. The distance between the rows is 5 cm, and in a row after 2-3 cm. Cover the cuttings with sand so that the stalk with the axillary bud is closed and the entire leaf remains on the outside. Boxes with cuttings should be placed in the shade, you can in a room with a temperature of 15-20 degrees. The leaves will gradually begin to die off, and the nutrients from them will flow into the underground part of the cutting. There, small, but suitable for propagation, nodules of potatoes will begin to form. After 1.5-2 months, these nodules need to be dug up, decompose in the light for greening at a temperature of 4-5 degrees for 10 days, then store in a cellar or in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-3 degrees. In the spring, plant these nodules to obtain a large amount of planting material, and in part even for the harvest.

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