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In fact, growing strawberries, we face many problems and laborious operations. But Ilya Nikolaevich Kotovich avoided these problems. For three years now, he has been covering the strawberry ridge with black plastic wrap. Rather, it covers two years with a film, since the first year covered the ridge with thick paper from large bags. But the film turned out to be more practical, especially black. For one strawberry ridge, prepare three strips of film: a length equal to the length of the ridge, and 40 cm wide.

Make a bed 60 cm wide, if the soil is clay, then higher, and if it is sandy, a 10-centimeter height is enough. Plant the plants in two rows every 30 centimeters in a row, and the rows from each other at a distance of 35 cm. Put one strip of film along the ridge between the rows of plants. Bend the edges inward, securing them with a bar or metal tube. With the remaining two strips, wrap the sides of the ridge in the same way, securing the film. Before closing the bed in strips, you need to make rollers along the edges of the ridge and in the middle.

Now let’s list the advantages of this method.

Firstly, there will be no weeds, the film will not allow them to sprout. Thus, we have already been freed from one misfortune!

Secondly, it will be necessary to water only when the weather is dry and hot for a long time. There is no need to be afraid that the plants will get sick, since there is no contact of the leaves with the soil. Soil moisture will always be optimal, practically uniform throughout the entire volume of the ridge: moisture evaporating from the lower soil layers will condense on the inner surface of the film and return back to the soil. So the other two misfortunes may not bother us!

Thirdly, it is not necessary to loosen the soil, since it will never be compacted. The root system will not be damaged, as is the case when loosening.

In addition, after all, most of the pests of strawberries go to winter in the soil, now this path is blocked for them. Well, the temperature of the soil under the black film will always be higher than in the garden bed without shelter. This means that the strawberries will ripen and bloom earlier than usual, and the fruiting period itself will be longer. But at the same time, make sure that your early flowering strawberries do not fall under the return frost. Well, and the fact that the berries will always be clean and will not rot from the ground, you have long understood.

There are already so many advantages! But there is one more and very important thing – a guarantee of a successful wintering in any severe frosts and little snow.

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