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Preparing seeds for tomato seedlings

The timing of planting tomato seeds depends on the time of planting seedlings in a permanent place. On average, the duration of growing tomato seedlings is 60-65 days. You can accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings by carefully preparing the soil and observing agricultural practices. The soil for seedlings should be light, loose, rich in organic matter.

The prepared soil is poured into boxes with a layer of 6-8 cm, leveled, compacted. Grooves are made every 3 cm to a depth of 0.5 cm and seeds are laid out in the grooves after 1-2 cm, then the seeds are sprinkled with a wet soil mixture with a layer of 1.5-2 cm.

Before the emergence of seedlings, the box is covered with a film and placed in a warm place (20-25 degrees). When the first shoots appear, the film is removed, and the box is placed in the light, where further cultivation takes place.

After the formation of 1-2 true leaves, a pick is carried out. The pick is made in pots (8×8 cm), which must be filled with a nutrient mixture. A hole 5-6 cm deep is made in the soil, into which the seedling is lowered along the cotyledon leaf. After picking, water the tomato seedlings. In this case, the earth around the roots will settle, which contributes to better rooting of the plant.

Before planting in open ground, it is necessary to harden off, take out seedlings to fresh air. From the second half of April, it is left on the veranda or loggia.

Planting tomatoes in open ground

Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse begins on May 10-15, in open ground on June 10-15, after return frosts. Plants are planted with a height of no more than 30-35 cm with a stem 0.7-1 cm thick. The plant should have 7-9 leaves, a well-developed inflorescence. Seedlings are best planted on cloudy days or in the evening.

Plants are watered under the root or along the grooves, avoiding water on the leaves, once a week to a depth of at least 35 cm. After fruit set, watering is done more often and more abundantly. When the plant takes root and grows, it is necessary to make a garter.

Tomato during cultivation requires 2-3 top dressings, which can significantly accelerate growth. The first is done 10-15 days after planting seedlings in the ground, the second is carried out at the beginning of fruit formation. Top dressing is best combined with watering.

Growing tomatoes

To protect tomato seedlings from diseases and pests, it is necessary to treat the seedlings with 1% Bordeaux mixture 12-15 days after planting. In the fight against insects, inta-vir, decis, karbofos are used.

Systematic stepping should be carried out, since after the removal of stepchildren, the main part of the plant’s nutrients is used to form the crop.

Tall varieties of tomatoes are pinched, that is, the growth point is removed. Pinching is done in early August, 1-2 leaves are left above the inflorescence with fruit that has set.

Ripe fruits are harvested every 4-5 days. This greatly increases the yield. Ripe fruits can be stored for about 30 days, but they should be placed in the refrigerator.

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