How to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse and open field

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There is a very interesting opinion: the less you touch the plantings of cucumbers, the greater the yields you get. You know, there is some truth in this. It would seem that agricultural technology has long been created and has proven itself well, the cultivation of seedlings has been put on stream, pinching, pinching have become integral processes. But are they really necessary, as the summer residents themselves write and tell about it?

We suggest that you divide the greenhouse into two parts next season. Treat one part of the plants according to your own rules, and do not touch the other. Just weed, feed, loosen the soil! And then compare the results. I think you will be very surprised!

How to grow cucumbers?

The growing system “garden without hassle” managed to fall in love with many summer residents. The less we interfere with plants, the better they grow. Cucumber, like any other plant, requires attention, but reacts negatively to interventions. In particular, if you cut off and form the stem too carefully, you simply risk being left without a crop.

Practice shows that even in open ground cucumbers grow well. And even if they are not tied up, but let the cultivation take its course, the yields will be more than impressive. All agricultural techniques and complex care methods were invented for the industrial cultivation of cucumbers, and not for private household plots.

Cucumbers: cultivation and care

cucumbers in the greenhouse

How to plant cucumbers so that they give a good harvest? Each summer resident has his own recipes, methods, techniques and technologies for growing, and therefore it makes no sense to advise how to plant cucumbers correctly. Another question is that a significant part of even experienced gardeners and summer residents come up with their own technologies that do not improve the yield, but, on the contrary, reduce it. In this case, the headache becomes an order of magnitude greater. It is, for example, about stepchildren. When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, many consider this an urgent need, completely unaware that the yield of cucumbers depends on whether pinching is done or not.

Summer residents are trying to “throw” the rules for growing tomatoes on cucumbers too, because these two vegetable crops very often coexist in greenhouses. And here’s what comes out of it. When growing tomatoes, pinching accelerates the ripening process and allows you to achieve large beautiful fruits, but there will be few of them. What do summer residents want to achieve by stepchildren cucumbers? The crop still ripens gradually, and it doesn’t matter if the plants have stepchildren or not. when pinching is not done, yields are always higher. Well, you will get cucumbers two weeks later, but there will be a lot of them and they will be small. Where do you put the big cucumbers? In salads for sunset? Salt or marinate them? No exit! So when growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, you should not stepchild them if you want to get placers of gherkins.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is only advisable if you need early cucumbers (for example, in early May) or if you are growing varieties of long cucumbers. If you need cucumbers for seaming, then growing cucumbers in the open field will be the ideal solution in this case. First, they give large yields. Secondly, they differ significantly in taste: their taste is fresher and more aromatic.

Choosing a landing method

When to plant cucumbers depends on the growing method. If cucumbers will be grown in a greenhouse, then you should take care of growing seedlings. It is best to plant cucumbers for seedlings directly in the greenhouse, if weather conditions allow (around the end of April). If the greenhouse is early, then sowing seeds for seedlings should be taken care of 25 days before the planned planting.

Growing cucumbers in open ground can begin with planting seeds under a film. How quickly the seeds sprout depends on the air temperature. This usually happens within one week. If the seeds are of poor quality, then the first sprouts can break through even after two weeks. Planting cucumber seeds in open ground allows you to increase the yield and survival of new plants. The fact is that when transplanting seedlings, plants can suffer and die.

How to plant cucumbers? The distance between the seeds should be about 15 centimeters. The best option is to throw two seeds into one hole. The first weeks you need to cover the cucumbers under the film, if the planting was carried out in the first days of May. The optimal time for planting cucumbers in open ground is the 20th of May.

To get a guaranteed yield of cucumbers, it is recommended to combine two types of plants: ordinary and self-pollinated. German cucumbers are excellent for these purposes. Summer residents prefer to combine the German variety and Phoenix cucumbers in one area. And they do it right, since the former do not require pollination, while the others are pollinated by bees.

How to grow a good crop of cucumbers?

cucumbers in a bag

To grow a good crop of cucumbers on your site, try not to be too zealous in the beds. Plants don’t need it. Cucumbers should be grown in greenhouses only for immediate consumption. For salting, they are not suitable in the best way.

When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, it is necessary to carry out timely watering, make a garter, and form. To check whether you need to pinch cucumbers or not, divide the plants into two parts in your greenhouse. On one side, you carry out stepsoning, but on the other – no. And look what comes out of it in the end.

Sowing cucumbers in open ground should be done from mid-May in order to achieve maximum yields. Bush cucumbers grow well in open ground. They can be grown in bags or barrels, thereby saving space in the beds, but without reducing yields. By the way, it is easier to harvest cucumbers growing in bags, as you will see all the ripened fruits and prevent them from overgrowing. Top dressing of cucumbers in the open field is not required. However, it is very important to carefully prepare the bed for planting in the fall: dig, remove weeds, fertilize.

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