How to grow gladioli from babies

how to grow gladioli from babies Blog

So that these wonderful flowers do not degenerate over time, I have been growing them for several years from children (tuber buds).

Preparing gladiolus babies for planting

I soak the children (as tubers are called) for 12 hours in an aloe solution (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) or in a weak manganese solution. The water temperature is 20-25 degrees.

From the boards I knock together a box 30×60 cm, without a bottom. I drive nails along its perimeter – 5 cm apart. I stretch a soft wire between the nails, and it looks like a grid. I put 2-3 layers of newsprint on it and moss – roots to the paper.

Now I lightly press the moss, lay out 50-70 children in it, peeled of scales. I cover all this with a new layer of moss (it is better to take sphagnum moss used in construction).

I am preparing a plot with good soil in the garden. For each square meter I bring in 2-3 buckets of humus, 50 g of nitroammophoska, 100 g of wood ash and carefully dig up the selected area.

As soon as the children sprout, I transfer them along with the box to the garden. I deepen it in the prepared area, and carefully sprinkle it with humus or peat. During the summer I water with warm water, weed from weeds. To protect against diseases and pests, gladiolus is sprayed several times with a solution of coniferous extract (3 tablespoons) and karbofos (1 spoon per 10 liters of water). For each box I pour up to 2 liters of this solution.

Collection and storage of children of gladioli

In late September – early October, with a sharp shovel, I cut the roots that were below the box. I put the box in a dry and warm place. Here corms ripen.

After the leaves turn yellow, I cut them off, remove the top layer of moss. Harvest is ready! Clean and healthy corms do not need to be dried.

The optimum storage temperature is 3-5 degrees.

This method of growing gladioli guarantees the preservation of their varietal qualities. And favorite flowers for many years please with their unique beauty!

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