How to preserve roses and other cut flowers

how to preserve roses and other cut flowers Blog

Each flower has its own approach

Chrysanthemums. In order for the chrysanthemums to stand in the vase as long as possible, they need to be cut off when the inflorescences are fully blooming. It is correct not to cut off, but to break off the shoots. Break or split the ends of the stems at a distance of 5-10 cm… It is useful to add half a tablet of aspirin to the water. Revitalization of wilted inflorescences in hot water is carried out with the addition of sugar (1.5-2 teaspoons per1 lwater). Keep them there until the water cools down. After renewal, the cut is transferred into a vessel with cold water. Lives at home for up to 20 days.

Narcissus. It is better not to cut, but to pluck. The abundant secretion of juice is stopped by turning the heads of the flowers downward immediately after cutting, after which they are treated with warm or hot water. Can be used with other flowers only after keeping in cold water for 24 hours. To preserve the flowers, sugar is added to the water -10 g… Frequent spraying with water is helpful. Lives in the cut for 5-7 days.

Tulip. In order to prolong the life of wilted flowers, their ends are immersed in warm water for a short time, and then kept in cold water in a cool room for several hours.

Hyacinth. The ends of the stems are split lengthwise. Wrapped in paper to retain odor. In case of premature wilting, revitalize by treating the stems with hot water.

Hippeastrum. The end of the hollow stem is dipped in hot water (50 * C) for 10-15 minutes. To release air, the stem is pierced, water is poured into it, and the cut is closed with a cork or cotton wool. Lives in cuttings for 4-6 days (each flower).

Calla. Cutting at any stage of flowering. The ends of the stem and leaves (not only the end of the petiole, but also the outer edge of the leaf blade) are completely immersed in water for 1 hour. Sprinkle the slices with salt, alum or ash. Updated daily. For better water absorption, it is injected into the stem with a syringe. Cut inflorescences live for 10-15 days.

The Rose. To preserve cut roses, after cutting, remove excess leaves and thorns, split the ends of the stem and immerse in water for 1.5-2 hours. Extend the life of roses by adding 0.5 aspirin tablets per1 lwater. To keep the roses in your home longer, their stems are cut in water, the ends are split again, the flower is wrapped in paper and the ends of the stem are treated with hot water, and then put in cold water. At night, it is imperative to give the roses a rest, for which they are immersed until the flowers in a deep vessel of water until morning. Flowers and leaves are sprayed regularly. With proper care, they live up to 10 days.

Now you know how to preserve roses and other cut flowers. With the help of our simple tips, your bouquet will delight you for more than one day. 

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