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The other day I was cutting grass with my 2940. I had the 3 point up and when I finished and put the tractor to idle the hydraulic pressure light came on and the hydraulics were slow and cattery. When I looked at the hydraulic fill with the 3 point raised I saw oil spraying it looks like it is coming from the 3 point cylinder. It stops spraying when I move the lever down an inch or two and it sprays when the lever is all the way back. After the tractor cools down, all hydraulic function is normal. I have noticed that sometimes when starting from cold, the PTO operates with the lever in the off position, and when moving the lever to engage the PTO and turn it off again, the PTO stops rotating. What kind of project is to replace the piston seals on that cylinder? I guess it wouldn’t be that bad once the rock shaft seat and cover is removed.

The tractor is open season. I cleaned the suction screen last week, and checked that the filter is clean. The filter was replaced about 40 hours ago, we had to change the PTO clutch plates. Is it a good idea to put new seals on the RS piston when the cover is open? The tractor has 9,800 hours on it, the 3 point drips if we are using the sawdust blower to move the sawdust and remove the blade from the blower, we notice that it does not stay for long a couple of minutes sometimes and it can be noticed.

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If your tractor is open season then rock axle housing R&R is not too difficult. Cab tractors pose more axle removal problems. My take is that the RS control valve seals are more to blame than the RS piston seal.

If the PTO rotates when the engine is started, it indicates that the transmission pump pressure is low in the PTO brake band. Yes, it is recommended to replace the rocker shaft piston gasket when replacing the SR control valve gaskets. After the RS case is returned with the new gaskets, I will suggest adjusting the L / D control mechanism as instructed in the JD 2940 technical manual.

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