John Deere 2940 hydraulic problem

John Deere 2940 5 Problems

I have a 2940 JD with a 148 magazine, I was moving bullets with it yesterday and it was working fine until I couldn’t pick up a bullet anymore the magazine couldn’t even lift with a bullet in this mourning i changed the hydraulic filter started and it worked great until the oil got hot and then the loader wouldn’t move again.They still have the power steering, but I don’t like where it’s going … Does anyone have any experience with this?any idea where to start?Thank you

John Deere 2940 2
John Deere 2940 hydraulic problem

There is a screw on the bottom of the pump that is used to disengage the pump for cold weather starting.That screw in ours just screwed in somehow and caused all sorts of havoc when driving on the highway, losing steering and braking both.We took that set out and put a flat plug in and that was the end of those problems.There were still others who took us to sell the tractor.It was a simple arrangement.

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