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john deere 2940 9 Problems

My friend has asked me to work on his John deere 2940. He has been like this for a couple of years. After the tractor of it is heated and turns off, he turns very slowly. He reaches the front of the pump and opens a handle and leaves. Also after the hydraulic system is heated he weakens in the charger is where it is more remarkable. Then, from time to time, your loader cavita or tremble when it rises. He wants to change the bomb, which is not cheap. The filters has changed and it is full of liquid. Where is the best place to get a bomb for these? If someone knows a lot about this, I advise me about troubleshooting. I would not like to spend a lot of money and not fix it.

john deere 2940 9
john deere 2940

On the right side of the front hydraulic John deere 2940 pump Remove the plug 1 1/4 key. Install a loading manometer (100 psi) and test the tractor to the operating temperature. Now register all regulated pressures (as appropriate) PTO ON, PTO OFF, RABIT, TURTLE, MFD ON and MFD OFF.

This will tell you where your leak is in the regulated circuit. Most of the time the load pump is fine and as others have said the problem will be in the seals of the clutch piston and or the tube’s o-rings. Do not forget the check screen and filter. To test the relief pressure of the front pump, you need to connect a pressure gauge to the front pump and set the pressure without a function demand, since it will be your relief, once the demand for a pressure function will fall. I am not sure how to fully explain the exclusive JD high-pressure reserve center system.

The front pumps rarely fail, the rear pump strives to supply the regulated circuit, the transmission lubricant, the refrigerator circuit and still has enough force to supply the front pump for the hitch, the remote controls and the charger circuits . Therefore, the small can of 2 to 3 gallons mounted in front of the radiator that is supposed to help the rear pump to stay during a high-flow demand.

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