John deere 2940 pressure leak…rockshaft

John deere 2940 Problems

I bought a John deere 2940 at an auction recently. Hydraulic functions are all good (no vibrations, good flow) until under pressure load, like lifting a bale of hay with the loader. Then the lift speed of the loader is approximately 1/3 of the speed it is at no load.

Having Googled a bit on this, one of the first things I checked was looking inside the hydraulic oil filler hole at the rear. There is an oil splatter somewhere around the front of the rocker shaft cylinder (see photo – sorry not better quality), which was also washed down the right side of the gearbox. I’m assuming the problem is likely. & Nbsp; (I don’t see the oil running past the piston, by the way).

I know the entire rock axle housing comes off as a unit. Thought I could take it to the JD dealer to have them put new seals & amp; O rings, but remove it myself to save some labor cost.

How big is the job of lifting it?
Do you have to know something special to put it back? Does the board between him & amp; Transmission housing usually needs to be replaced?

EDIT: This is on an open station tractor, by the way.

john deere 2940 10
john deere 2940 10

Probably the o-rings on the valve stems John deere 2940, those were notorious for blowing out. Not a huge job to fix, there is an o-ring kit to make it as a souvenir. It may or may not have a metal gasket that is quite reusable. The new O-rings are made of a white material, more durable than the factory ones. The housing is easy to remove without a cockpit, if you are mechanical enough to remove it, you can probably rebuild the valve yourself …

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