John Deere 2940 starting problem

John Deere 2940 Problems

My John Deere 2940 doesn’t want to spin when it’s cold (be it summer or winter).When I turn on the ignition switch I hear a metallic sound but the engine does not turn.Leaving the ignition switch on, I can short out the selinoid with a screwdriver and the engine cranks and starts.Do you think you could have a selinoid or a bad starter motor?It seems that the pounding noise is coming from the selinoid.Once booted, it restarts with the key 90% of the time.

John Deere 2940 14
John Deere 2940

My father used to own one of those tractors John Deere 2940 .You need a new solenoid
You can get a kit from JD that will destroy your hydrolic pump and help your tractor start easier. (takes a lot of stress off starting)

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