John deere 2940 steering

John deere 2940 Problems

Has anyone ever had dealing with a stereo pump motor or a John deere 2940 char lyn is the name of the motor. we take it out in early spring and disassemble it clean it well put it back togeather andit work good. then in abt a week it did it again so drain all the oil and change the filters and the oil in the system then it works again. It feels like the steering locks up when you try to turn, or it just keeps turning when the steering wheel is turned.

John deere 2940 7
John deere 2940

Did you change the inline filter on the address lines? Models John deere 2940 and 2950 without a cab had them. We have a 2950 with a cab that does not have the inline filter protection and we just replaced the steering pump(14000 hrs) which didn’t really fix it. The oil level in the tractor had dropped, stirring the sediment at the bottom of the box back into circulation and contaminating the pump. The new pump performed the same but gradually improved after changing the main filter 2 or 3 times.

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