Klopovnik – a remedy for the Colorado potato beetle

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What is a bedbug?

On wastelands near dwellings, along roads, near fields, a weed plant, bedbug, grows. In the villages, brooms are made from it, and therefore the people call it a whisk. Weed bug – a plant from the cruciferous family, has an unpleasant odor and taste. In the old days, a decoction of this plant was considered a good remedy for bedbugs.

This is a winter annual. The leaves in the basal rosette are pinnately dissected, and higher up the stem they have a linear shape. It blooms in early May with greenish-yellow flowers. May bloom all summer. The height of the plant is 15-30 cm. By the end of summer, the stem at the base can rot, and then, breaking away from the root, the plant, picked up by the wind, rolls over, therefore it is also called tumbleweed.

The daily infusion of this plant is very effective in the fight against the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae. It is better to spray plants in the evening, before sunset.

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