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Three crops from one bed per season

In early spring, when all the snow has not yet melted, and only thawed patches have formed, I warm up my greenhouse bed and plant tomato seedlings there a week later. Between the rows of tomatoes I sow rows of early radishes or stick already sprouted bulbs into the soil. We eat green onions with might and main in two weeks. After another 2 weeks I clean the radishes. After harvesting onions and radishes, I immediately sow kibray leaf dill in all row-spacings. It will grow weak, because by that time the tomato seedlings are already growing great and blocking the light. But a small bunch of dill is enough for the table until the time when it starts in the open garden.

After transplanting tomatoes to a permanent place, when the greenhouse is completely free, I dig up the ground in it with the addition of fertilizers and plant seedlings of cucumbers. Now it’s a cucumber patch for the whole summer.

I prepare such a ridge in the fall, always in the same place. Crop rotation here, in my opinion, is not needed, since in the fall, after harvesting cucumbers, I dismantle the ridge, take all the land to potato strips, treat the place with Bordeaux mixture and cover it with ashes. Only after that I proceed to the construction of a new ridge. The place is sunny, behind the wind.

How to prepare a garden bed in the fall?

A ridge of 20 centimeters is deepened (on a shovel bayonet). Along the perimeter I also put a frame 30 cm high from logs. I cover the inner walls with a used film. At the bottom of the ridge I lay cut raspberry stalks with a 10-centimeter layer. I think that this is a very necessary layer, which in the spring isolates the denser upper layers from the frozen soil and makes it possible for the ridge to warm up faster. Then I pour foliage, plant residues, layer them with sawdust and earth. From above I pour a 10-centimeter layer of earth and tamp everything well. The ridge is poured flush with the sides of the logs. I pour it with water and close it with several layers of film. Then I cover the bed around with rags moistened with tar or carbolic acid, or sprinkle with bleach. This is to keep mice out of the garden.

In the spring, it remains to remove the film, pour it well with hot water 2-3 times and wrap it with film for 3 days. The bright spring sun will do its job – overheating will begin, the ridge will become warm.

In other years, already in the third decade of April, I make holes with a liter jar deep, fill them with humus and plant seedlings. First, I cover without any devices with lutrasil, and on top of it with plastic wrap, then I put arcs over the bed, I cover them.

The width of my beds is 1 meter, the length is 6 meters. I usually grow 55-60 roots of tomato seedlings and plant 35-40 cucumber bushes in two rows.

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