Popular types of lilies: description and photo

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Lilies are a spectacular addition to any flower bed. The number of varieties has already exceeded several thousand. All varieties are grouped. In this article, we will get acquainted with the most common groups of lilies.

Asian lilies

Asian lilies are leaders in unpretentiousness, they are practically not susceptible to diseases, they winter well and do not require an annual transplant. The earliest blooming lilies. Very popular in horticulture.

It grows from 0.3 to 1.5 m, depending on the variety. It blooms for 5 weeks from June, cup-shaped, up to 20 cm in size, practically odorless. Up to 30 flowers on one peduncle. Colors range from white and yellow to rose red and even black!

Asiatic lily, cultivar Knight Rider

Propagated by dividing and planting bulbs formed in the axes of the leaves.

Asiatic double lilies

The most unpretentious of the Asian varieties of lilies. The flowers are terry, slightly twisted along the edges. Looks spectacular and unusual. Less susceptible to weed infestation.

Asiatic scent lily, Red Twin

oriental lilies

Oriental lilies are one of the most beautifully flowering lilies. It is very popular with gardeners due to its huge iridescent flowers up to 30-35 cm long. Lilies are of medium height (0.4-1.2 m), but their large buds are even more remarkable. The beauty of the buds and their pleasant fragrance are balanced by the beautiful leaves. Bloom in July.

Their flowers are simple and pale, their flowers sparkle with variety: they are tubular, cupped, lighter in color. The colors are no less varied, although red, white and pink lilies are more common. Oriental lilies vary in color, either with a border around the edge of the petals or with a stripe in the center.

Oriental lily, muscadet

Oriental hybrids, like Asian hybrids, are suitable for growing in pots and vases. We recommend choosing low varieties up to 50-60 cm high in order to preserve the decorativeness of the flowers. The recommended number of bulbs in a tall pot is 3-7.

Oriental Cobra Lily in a Vase Happy Spring Asiatic Lily in a Pot

Lilies LA hybrids

This group is characterized by: rapid growth, long flowering for about 2 months, good winter hardiness. The flowers are very large – up to 25 cm in diameter, fragrant!

LA – hybrid lily, Fiamma variety

The color range is wide, from snow-white to burgundy with a variety of shades.

Lilies OT hybrids

Another group of lilies differ in height. Some OT hybrids can reach heights of up to 2.5m. These OT hybrids are often referred to as “tree lilies” because of this trait! The flowers, like those of previous hybrids, are large, up to 25 cm, cup-shaped or funnel-shaped, reminiscent of an oriental lily. In an inflorescence up to 30 inflorescences. Nice smell. They reproduce easily, dividing and producing numerous offspring. It tolerates long winters well.

OT hybrid lily, Conca d’or variety

OT hybrids, like LA hybrids, tend to re-bloom. For this reason, hybrids work well in arrangements with perennial flowers.

tubular lilies

Trumpet lilies are characterized by miniature flowers that look like elongated pinwheels with small crackers at the ends, are medium in size up to 18 cm and have a distinct aroma.

Lily tubular, variety Golden Splendor

Lilies can reach a height of 2 m. The most common tubular lilies with yellow, orange and pink buds.

Easily propagated by seeds.

Lilies LO hybrids

Gardeners liked LO hybrids for their unpretentiousness and compact size. They grow up to 1.3 m in height, and their flowers are large, up to 20 cm in diameter, short-tubular or funnel-shaped. The buds produce delicate yellow, pink or white flowers.

L- hybrid lily, variety White Triumph

Grows equally well in sunny and semi-shady places.

Lilies Longiflorum

It is from these lilies, also known as long-flowered lilies, that beautiful bouquets are made. They reach a height of 1 m. The flowers are delicate, bell-shaped, about 15 cm in size.

Lily Longiflorum, cultivar White Heaven

The flowers are white and pale, with a delicate pleasant aroma. It reproduces vegetatively.

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