Reproduction and transplantation of hyacinths

reproduction and transplantation of hyacinthsefbfbc Blog

I have been growing hyacinths for many years. Here I want to share my experience. It can be said that it differs from the generally accepted.

Preparing bulbs for planting

I don’t dig up hyacinths every year. They stay in the ground for 2-3 years. In the fourth year in August (from about 10 to 25, depending on weather conditions), I dig out the bulbs to immediately plant them again. I immediately separate the baby, wash it with potassium permanganate (3% pink solution), plant it on the same ridge, on previously filled soil or on another, where the soil was also prepared. It happens that the bulbs wait for their place for 3-4 days while I prepare the soil for them: I spill 5% manganese, add humus (well-rotted manure, aged for at least 3 years), sprinkle a handful of ash with mustard (I pour a little more ash, than mustard), I mix the earth. Hyacinth bulbs and separate children are laid out in grooves 20 cm deep at a distance of 20 cm, I sprinkle the bulbs with river sand, and fill them with soil from above. Children will be in the ground without digging for 5 years. During this time, they will acquire all the qualities of a full-fledged bulb, suitable for flowering in the ground or for forcing.

Growing hyacinths

When propagating hyacinths, I stopped using the method of dissecting the bottom of the bulb, because with this method in our cool climate, where it is difficult to maintain the temperature regime during the storage of bulbs in summer and autumn, both the bulb and the children were often lost, and hence the variety. In the spring, as soon as the snow melts, I feed it with urea (salt over the snow, about 20 g / sq.m). Just before flowering, I give a second top dressing (humus, superphosphate – a matchbox per bucket of water, potassium – 1 tablespoon per bucket of water, boric acid – 1 teaspoon per 5 liters of water), they will fade, I fertilize the third time with superphosphate and potassium. For the winter, I cover my hyacinths with fallen leaves. In all the years, there has never been a case of bulbs freezing out, even if for some reason the hyacinths could not be covered. In the spring, I remove the sheet cover, leaving only humus mulch.

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