Review of new strawberry varieties for planting in 2021

review of new strawberry varieties for planting in 2021 Blog

Many growers of garden strawberries prefer early-maturing varieties. The first spring berry is a good source of income.


The Alba strawberry variety is highly valued by consumers for its interesting presentation and good taste of ripe juicy berries. However, complaints about its excessive acidity are not uncommon.

Alba berries are beautiful, bright red in color and conical in shape when ripe. Fully ripe fruits weigh up to 30 g. They retain a uniform shape and do not shrink at the end of ripening, as is often the case with other varieties of garden strawberries. The main advantages of the Alba variety are early fruiting, a plentiful harvest and good winter hardiness.

With proper care, they do well in both hot and humid climates and are very resistant to most fungal and viral diseases.


One of the newest strawberry varieties of foreign selection is Christina. This fruit plant was bred by British scientists and in a short time managed to gain popularity among gardeners in many countries, including Russia.

The Christina variety is in demand both among amateur gardeners and industrialists. Differs in a plentiful harvest and good resistance to causative agents of various fungal infections. With proper storage, these crops are highly durable and transportable.

The berries are large (up to 40 g), regular shape, juicy, fragrant. Both the skin and the flesh are red.


Honey is the choice of American scientists. If we talk about the advantages of honey strawberries, it is necessary to pay attention to high yields, excellent transportability and the ability of fruits to maintain their taste and commercial qualities for a long time, as well as resistance to temperature extremes.

The berries are large (average weight – 40 g), thick texture, juicy, fragrant. Harvested strawberries acquire an attractive dark red color with a characteristic sheen.


Clery is a new ultra-early strawberry variety recommended for planting in 2021. This fruiting plant has established itself as one of the best commercial varieties.

If you’re looking for the perfect berry for a good price, look no further than Clery. The main advantages are high yield, early fruiting and excellent transportability with proper packaging and storage.

Ripe strawberries have a regular uniform conical shape, excellent taste, pleasant aroma and bright red color with a sheen. The average weight of one ripe berry reaches 50 g.


Gardeners of central Russia, including those from the Moscow region, appreciated this fruit plant, which came to our region from the Netherlands. The Kimberley variety tolerates frost well and is highly resistant to diseases such as downy mildew.

Its fresh, bright, full-bodied and caramel flavor makes it a consumer favorite. Ripe bright red berries with a characteristic luster have a pleasant aromatic taste.


The Italian strawberry variety Antea, whose seeds can be purchased at many garden stores, quickly won the recognition of Russian gardeners.

Juicy berries, with an interesting taste and pleasant strawberry aroma, regular conical shape. Thanks to their dense pulp, they withstand long-distance transportation without losing their commercial value.

One of the key advantages of the variety is its high resistance to most leaf and root diseases.

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From this video you will learn how to care for strawberries at different times of the year.

Late-ripening varieties

Do you want to enjoy the divine taste of garden strawberries for as long as possible? Try to plant on your site not only early strawberries, but also late-ripening strawberries.

For example, varieties of renewed strawberries will please gardeners with several phases of fruiting, and late-ripening strawberries make it possible to collect fragrant and tasty berries even at the end of the growing season.

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