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How to care for cucumbers

As we know, at the same time, in order to prepare jars for spinning cucumbers and various salads, one should not forget about taking care of the bushes themselves, otherwise you will not need these jars, because the season ends very quickly.

Yes, it may seem to many that caring for cucumbers is not difficult and absolutely anyone can handle it, but, unfortunately, there are some important points that need to be considered if you want a really fruitful season.

Cucumber care in July

Mid-summer is a great time for fruiting ground cucumbers and those who bask in the greenhouse. And yes, watering once a week and pulling out pesky weeds is not the best care for them. With this “care”, fruiting will not go beyond a period of 2-3 weeks, and all your thoughts about conservation will no longer be needed by anyone.

It should be noted that you need to take care of soil and greenhouse cucumbers in different ways. The former need to be treated many times more often with various solutions from diseases and all kinds of pests (it is best to repeat after rainy weather).


Cucumbers love water, especially after flowering. Water them with sufficiently warm water under the root (in the morning) and on the leaves (in the evening) in a proportion of 8 to 12 liters per 1 sq.m.

Watering the garden

The soil should be moistened approximately 20 cm deep and 15 cm in radius. But, it should be noted that the root neck should be just as dry.

After you have watered the cucumbers, the greenhouse should be ventilated. If it is very hot there, then buckets of water can be placed in the aisles so that during the day it evaporates, and at night it gives off the accumulated heat.

top dressing

How to feed cucumbers so that they can please their fruits for a long time? In July, the bushes, first of all, need potassium and phosphorus. For the active development of the fruit, it is necessary to make 2-3 top dressings for the entire flowering time.

Cucumber fertilizer

At the beginning of fruiting, a solution of nitrophoska and water is usually used in a ratio of 1:10. Next, use half a liter of mullein and one tablespoon of potassium sulfate per whole bucket of water. This top dressing is done in about a couple of weeks. But the next one will be in August, we’ll talk about it below.

Protection against diseases and parasites

So, we know that little depends on us when it comes to parasites, but here are various diseases that we can prevent. You should just not forget about the prevention and proper protection of the plant so that it is resistant to many.

Let’s start simple – with milk and iodine. The solution should be in the ratio of one part milk to 9 parts water and about 3-4 drops per liter of this solution. Spray cucumbers with this mixture about once a week.

mycorad malsano trichodermin

Another method is a solution of baking soda (0.4%) with soap.

Well, if you prefer biological products, then use Fitosporin-M, Baktofit and so on. Act strictly according to the instructions.

Also, it can be noted that parasites often carry various diseases, so let’s try to protect the bushes from their appearance. First of all, you need to inspect them, get rid of unwanted weeds and spray them with various means, such as tobacco dust or onion peels with a little soap. Don’t forget to ventilate the greenhouse.

Ventilation of the greenhouse

If, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid parasites, then simply use any biological products (for example, Fitoverm).


All gardeners know that the root of cucumbers is quite thin and tender, so you should handle it carefully so as not to damage it. That is why it is better to mulch cucumbers with peat or humus. Straw or grass without any seeds is also suitable.

Stimulation of the ovaries

This method of stimulating fruit growth is suitable only for those cucumbers that grow in greenhouses. You will need a number of containers, the volume of which varies from 5 to 10 liters. It is necessary to pour a solution of ten percent mullein, infusion of grass or litter there, and then place these containers throughout the greenhouse. One container per 3 square meters approximately.

picking cucumbers


  • do not turn the whips;
  • carefully remove the cucumbers from the stem;
  • remove the part of the cucumber that remains on the bush if it is broken, otherwise it is not far from decay;
  • harvest fruit about once every two to three days
  • do not overgrow.
picking cucumbers

Caring for cucumbers in August

In August, you don’t have to remember or write down something new about care, because here only the removal of leaves that are damaged is added to all procedures. It should be noted that by the end of summer the leaves of cucumbers will still turn yellow, dry out, and the fruits will be slightly different in color and taste, because the parasites will still achieve what you want, no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, and the fruiting time will already be coming to an end .

But, it is in your power to slow down this process at least a little if you carefully monitor the leaves and remove the damaged ones in time.

You can also try feeding the plant. Make a solution of one tablespoon of superphosphate, one tablespoon of potassium sulfate and ten liters of water. This top dressing is foliar. Another way out is to spray with sour milk (first dilute it with water in a ratio of one to three) or whey from milk (the ratio is the same).

The soil

By being savvy about caring for your cucumbers in July and August, you can let them bear fruit well into the fall. This applies to those cucumbers that grow in greenhouses, because for soil it is much more difficult, since the cold does not benefit these plants.

Cucumbers are not so sensitive to temperature changes, but ground cucumbers are still better to cover at night. It is most convenient to make arcs over the garden bed and throw a film or other covering material over them.

In the end, we can draw the following conclusion – the beginning of fruit growth is not a reason to relax. Try to increase this season and please yourself until autumn.

Have a nice day and delicious cucumbers to you!

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