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Reds, yellows, purples, blacks, greens, oranges, stripes, and even bi-colors… They come in many varieties, and it can be difficult to choose the best tomato variety for you. First, the variety of varieties is amazing. Secondly, the choice must be made based on the conditions in which the plants will grow: a greenhouse, open ground, shading or a sunny area. Thirdly, both determinate and indeterminate varieties should be planted on the site to ensure maximum yield.

Determinate and indeterminate tomatoes and their features

Summer residents and homeowners rarely use these words. Determinate plants have a limited growing point, which means that they are not tall. But indeterminate tomatoes are taller and require more care. They need to be tied up, stepsoned and provided with the proper conditions for growth.

If tall tomatoes grow better in greenhouse conditions, then undersized ones can be planted in open ground and used for greenhouses. The list of undersized varieties is large, so you can pick up different types of tomatoes.

Indeterminate tomato varieties during one season (if grown in heated greenhouses, they give about 40-50 brushes). If the plants are in ordinary greenhouses in the country, then the number of brushes rarely exceeds 30 brushes. In the southern regions, planting tall varieties in open ground is allowed. If your summer is cold and short, then it would be better to minimize the planting of tall varieties. They give a harvest later and in the northern regions do not always have time to ripen.

sweet pia tomato variety

Determinate tomatoes have lower yields, but they ripen faster. Most varieties require tying and shaping. If you do not have time to care, then preference should be given to standard varieties. This is one of the varieties of determinate tomatoes with a short strong stem. They do not need any tying or shaping.

Unusual varieties of tomatoes

tomato variety striped stuffer

As we said above, there are many varieties of tomatoes today. And among them there are those that have high decorative properties, but at the same time their taste is good!

For example, Striped Stuffer. These tomatoes have an unusual color. Red with orange stripes, they will decorate any table.

Yellow Riffled tomatoes have a bright yellow color. There are many cavities inside, but the pulp is sweetish, tasty.

indigo rosé tomato variety

Wild tomato Sweet Pia – has small, but very bright fruits. They grow on long branches and slightly resemble bunches of grapes. The variety is excellent for growing in baskets and on balconies. Not whimsical and does not require much attention.

Worthy of attention is another variety of tomatoes – Indigo Rose. To date, it is the darkest known variety. Such a deep blue color of tomatoes (when ripe, the fruits become almost black) is due to the presence of a high content of antioxidants.

Amazing tomato tree

tomato tree

Every year about 2,000 people come to the tomato tree. This is a tomato variety Octopus F1. The advertisement says that the plant produces about 14,000 tomatoes per year. One of these trees grows in China. It requires constant care and temperature and intensive feeding, has reached a height of 4 meters and has been growing for several years. But in summer conditions, almost no one managed to achieve such results.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

For planting in open ground, it is better to choose determinant varieties of tomatoes that ripen quickly and do not require constant care. These are the varieties “Dachnik” (do not require pinching, fruit weight – 120-180 g), “Explosion” (early, resistant to late blight, fruit weight – 110-150 g), “Countryman” (suitable for open ground, but feels better greenhouses, fruit weight is about 75 g), “Dubok” (resistant to late blight, fruits ripen in 100-110 days, fruit weight – 90-130 g), “Siberian early” (ripens 98 days, fruit weight – 60 -140 g), “Yablonka Rossii” (friendly harvest in 90-110 days, fruit weight – 70-80 g).

Sanka tomato variety

Worthy of attention is the early ripe variety of tomatoes “Sanka”. On a small compact bush 30-60 centimeters high, fruits weighing 80-110 grams grow. The variety is disease resistant and easy to care for. Low growing shrubs are ideal for outdoor cultivation. Garter and pinching are not required for this variety. These tomatoes are suitable for the Moscow region and other regions where there is no such long and hot summer as in the south. This variety requires top dressing and loosening, and if you do everything right, you can get an excellent harvest.

Simple and unpretentious tomato “Volgograd”. Until recently, it has been one of the most popular due to its ease of care and high yields. But today the variety has “lost” its positions a little, as new, more productive and attractive ones have appeared.

Cherry tomatoes: a small hit in the gardens of summer residents

cherry tomatoes kira

When it’s time to clean up greenhouses or greenhouses, clear the beds from plants, many gardeners ask themselves: what to do with Cherry tomato bushes? The fact is that a significant part of the varieties is suitable for growing in pots, and after transplanting, they can bear fruit until the New Year.

Cherry hybrids of Cherry Likopa, Liza, Kira, Ira, Maksik and some others are ideal for growing. The peculiarity of the fruits is that they are perfectly preserved, and can lie for more than a month. And at the same time, they will not deteriorate and will not even begin to rot! And the Cherry Kira hybrid can be stored for about 2.5 months at all. For this reason, sellers and summer residents like it so much.

Cherry Lisa tomatoes can be safely planted in a pot and grown on a windowsill.

Collect and store Cherry tomatoes with brushes. This will preserve the taste and aroma of the fruit. By the way, Cherry can also be used as an ornamental plant.

You can plant them in ordinary buckets – the volume will be enough to grow a full-fledged bush. 

The best varieties of tomatoes

cherry tomatoes lisa

As soon as autumn comes, summer residents immediately decide for themselves which varieties of tomatoes they will buy. Some liked the yield and ease of care, while others did not fit the soil and conditions, and the harvest was poor.

In addition to their favorite varieties, summer residents and gardeners will certainly experiment, and every year they buy new hybrids to try them out on their site. What if something worthwhile happens, and there will be something to brag to colleagues in the garden! This review will focus on the most popular varieties that are popular and have shown themselves well in different conditions.

The variety of pink tomatoes “Miracle of the Earth” managed to fall in love with summer residents for sweet pink fruits. The yield per bush is about 4 kilograms. The variety is early ripe, tall, suitable for open ground, but grows better in greenhouses. Fruit size – from 400 to 700 g, but if you provide good conditions and proper care, you can expect more significant tomatoes. This variety does not form green spots near the stalk. Do you grow tomatoes in your garden? You probably do not have the opportunity to constantly monitor the condition of the soil. And the “Miracle of the Earth” is drought-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the fate of the crop! 

Yellow tomatoes of the Dina variety are medium-early, contain a lot of carotene and are suitable for open ground or planting under low shelters. Smooth, rounded fruits weigh 100-150 g. Sometimes the weight of fruits reaches 300 g. They are not the best for pickling, but for short-term storage and eating it is ideal!

brown sugar tomato

The maroon color of Sugar Brown tomatoes captivates many summer residents. The fruit weight is 120-150 g. However, experienced gardeners are interested in a completely different quality of this variety – resistance to frost. As soon as the cold sets in, most of the plants die, but not Sugar Brown. Even after frosts (albeit small ones), tomatoes will continue to ripen. It is recommended to use these tomatoes for fresh consumption and for salads. And what kind of juice do they make!

Tomatoes “Bull’s forehead” and “Bull’s heart” have been taking pride of place in country “tops” for many years. The bushes of both of them will have to be tied up, since their productivity is high. Otherwise, the plants may break.

Tomatoes “Sanka” are also included in the top popularity – we already wrote about them above, so we won’t repeat ourselves.

tomato variety de barao

De Barao tomatoes are on the market in several hybrids and in several colors (pink, orange, royal, black, red). If the bushes are not cut, then their height can reach 4 meters. The taste of the tomato is spicy, sweetish. The variety is ideal for canning: the skin is dense, does not burst, the shape is preserved.

For preparing salads for the winter, harvesting tomato juice and fresh consumption, the Wild Rose variety is suitable. The mass of fruits is different and largely depends on the care of the conditions. As a rule, it is 400-1000 g.

“Sugar Giant” is another large-fruited variety that has a sweet taste and is just perfect for harvesting tomato juice. But it is not suitable for canning: the thin skin quickly bursts, and you are unlikely to be able to push a large fruit into a jar.

Among the new products, experienced summer residents managed to note the Black Bunch variety.

When choosing varieties of tomatoes for your plot or greenhouse, be sure to take several varieties at once.

Weather conditions, soil conditions, frequency of watering, feeding and fertilizing, disease resistance – all this will inevitably affect the yield. And if you plant only one variety, then you risk being left without tomatoes. You can’t plant much on a small plot of two or three acres, but it’s better to have several varieties represented by 3-5 plants than one variety in large quantities.

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