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How do you usually protect tomatoes?

All my life I worked as an agronomist, but not in vegetables, but in flax. On our site, many readers share their experiences on various issues. I like it, I also share my experience of protecting tomatoes from late blight. I don’t have a greenhouse and I only grow tomatoes outdoors and get good yields. But in order to grow and preserve the crop, it was necessary to spray them many times during the summer so that they would not become infected with late blight. The first time I did this at the beginning of July or the end of June with some preparation containing copper: copper chloride or Bordeaux liquid, or copper sulfate, etc. And then every two weeks I had to spray it with an infusion of garlic, which I made from the arrows of winter garlic and leftovers from last year’s harvest. And this summer I read on the site that you can use copper wire for this. And I did everything

How to protect yourself from late blight with copper?

I found in my household a copper wire a little less than 1 mm. I polished it to a shine with sandpaper, cut it into pieces 4-5 cm long and pierced each stem near the ground. The stems were already quite coarse and I had to first pierce them with a steel pin, and then I inserted wires into these holes, bent the ends of the wire to the ground, as it was written. I didn’t carry out pest control, I completely relied on these delays.

In July, the weather was hot and did not contribute to the development of phytophthora. But in August it rained all month, but my tomatoes did not get sick. Even in mid-September, I still collected the last two buckets, and the tomatoes were healthy.

The protection mechanism is that copper ions are released from the wire, and the upward flow of water carries them throughout the plant.

Copper ions inhibit the development of the pathogen and increase the resistance of plants to late blight. Copper in general is a wonderful element not only for plants, but also for people. People who live near copper mines are said to have almost no cancer.

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