What is better – agril or film?

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Comparison of germination by film and agril

I want to share with gardeners – readers of our site my experience and thoughts regarding covering materials. I heard reviews from gardeners about covering materials. All sorts: both good and not so good. And here are my observations. I sowed carrots on two beds. One covered with agril, the other with plastic wrap. The weather in May, you know what it was – cold and damp. So, on the bed under the film, shoots appeared 7-10 days earlier than under agril. And I think I understand what’s going on. Agril retains heat while dry. Wet after rain, it actively evaporates moisture, cooling the soil and the seeds in it. So they lingered with the germination and development of the plant. The film, although it does not hold heat well, does not allow moisture to escape, which, condensing under the film, generates heat itself. I decided to combine both materials. I sowed the seeds of cucumbers (and I don’t soak them beforehand), watered them well, covered them with agril, and covered them with a film. Seeds began to sprout on the third day. Everyone got out on the fourth. I have seven varieties of cucumbers. Harvest seeds of different years, therefore, it is not necessary to take into account the vitality of the seeds.

Actually, you can check everything for yourself. Throw agril on your naked body, even several layers, it will become warmer. Run out into the rain. Well, how? However, the forgiveness is not long. And if you put a film over the agril, then let it rain and wind.

Here, actually, and all reflections. I also want to add. Sometimes I hear that someone covers the greenhouse with agril. I wonder why?

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