Whitewashing fruit trees in spring

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There are two most popular ways to whitewash trees in the garden: preventive and decorative. In the spring, many people actively whitewash trees in the country and of course their appearance becomes pleasant and well-groomed. They are like mushrooms standing on white legs in a dark gloomy forest. It must be remembered that it is spring whitewash that specialists consider to be largely decorative, and it provides effective protection only from the negative effects of the sun and getting burns. Only in autumn, preventive whitewashing is carried out, which aims to protect the trees in the garden from the effects of insect pests and the appearance of fungal diseases.

Of course, there is an opinion among amateur gardeners that it is not worth whitewashing trees in the country at all, since the lime used leads to bark erosion. Cracks appear in these places through which pests penetrate. But at the same time, most experts are inclined to believe that it is still worth whitening. For whitewashing, a twenty percent solution of lime is used. It is prepared by mixing two kilograms of slaked lime in ten liters of water, if quicklime is used, then no more than one kilogram is taken, which is again diluted in ten liters of water.

Whitening the bark of trees in the garden can be whitened using chalk diluted in liquid, white water-based paint. Among other things, on sale you can find special paints designed for whitewashing. Spring whitewashing in the country can be done using a mixture of ten liters of water, two and a half kilograms of lime, one kilogram of clay and three hundred grams of copper sulfate. It is necessary to mix this mixture until a solution is obtained that does not resemble sour cream in consistency. If it is not possible to whitewash the trees in the autumn period, then in the spring it should be carried out as soon as the snow melts early enough. But at the same time, it must be remembered that autumn whitewashing is very important, since then insect pests, temperature changes and sunlight are not afraid of trees.

Before applying whitewash, the bark of trees must be thoroughly cleaned of lichens, mosses and dead bark. To do this, you can use any garden handy tool, if there are no special tools. In the event that damage appears on the surface of a tree trunk as a result of cleaning, they must be immediately covered up using garden pitch. Whitewashing is performed after it dries. To apply the prepared solution to the bark of trees in the garden, it is best to use a roller for uniform application. In hard-to-reach places, a paint brush is simply indispensable. All work must be carried out in dry sunny weather.

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